Holidays for the Pantry

Thanksgiving at the Pantry is a special time. The families really look forward to the Thanksgiving bags and the congregation is always amazingly generous in filling them. Shopping lists are available at church and the church office. We ask that you put items in a sturdy re-usable bag and attach the list to the outside of the bag. Bags need to be brought back to church by Sunday, November 11th which gives us a few days to sort and organize before we hand them out on Friday, November 16th. We expect 160 -170 families to come on that day.

Our friends at the LDS Church are again planning to do the bags at Christmas, so we can put all our energy into making up special Thanksgiving bags. It’s a special time for us to count our blessings and to share with others.

We had our Pantry Team luncheon on October 10th and 41 panty helpers came. It’s was wonderful to see all the different food pantry volunteer groups get together. While the Friday workers know there are shoppers bringing in staples during the week, and our shoppers know there are Albertson’s bread and Fresh Rescue pick-up teams, it always surprises everyone to see how many people are involved in this ministry! It truly “takes a village.”

Happy Thanksgiving, The Pantry Team

The Holidays

As we head into the holiday season we pray that your hearts are filled with joy and anticipation! We have so many exciting things planned for November and December for youth group! Our Junior High group has just returned from an amazing Fall Retreat where we reconnected with ourselves, each other, and remembered that God wants to fill our lives with wonder, joy and passion. Our Senior High Group are going to a Fall Retreat on November 30thto re-energize and to let go of the stresses of school, applying to college, studying for AP classes, and all the pressures of the teen lifestyle.

We’re ready to begin Junior High and Senior High Advent Bible studies. The Senior High Advent study will start at 2:00 PM on Friday, November 23rd at Starbucks on Madison Ave in Murrieta and then move it to the Youth Room on Friday evenings from 6:00 PM—8:00 PM in December. The Junior High Advent study begins on Wednesday, November 28thin the MUMC youth office.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! In the love of Christ,
MUMC Co-Youth Directors

Jennifer Jones (951)239-9220

Mandy Allen (951)536-5817

December News

Food Pantry

215 Thanksgiving bags were handed out on November 16th. Both United Church of the Valley and the YMCA collected bags to help us. We actually had a few bags over. Thank you to everyone who donated filled bags and donated to the Food Pantry in other ways. The Young Women’s groups from the 10 wards that make up the Murrieta Stake of the LDS Church are assembling the Christmas baskets this year! However, we know many of you like to bring special Christmas items and they are appreciated. Hot chocolate mix, spiced cider mix, Christmas candy or cookies are popular. 

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The Longest Night Service

Longest Night Service

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christmas, eve, service, murrieta, temecula

Christmas Eve Services

christmas, eve, service, murrieta, temecula

Join us for Our 2 Christmas Eve Services.

5:00pm – Geared more for young families 

7:30pm – Traditional 

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD

You’ve likely heard of, if not experienced, seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

It’s a type of sadness or depression that comes about with a change in the seasons—typically, though not always, starting sometime in the fall and continuing through the winter months. When it is severe, it calls for professional therapy, and even medical intervention. There are degrees of seasonal angst, however; and, short of something approaching clinical depression, it can be a condition lessened, if not eliminated, by the supportive, caring, perspective-giving presence of other people. As I shared in my November article, however, research indicates that “nearly half of Americans report sometimes or always feeling alone, left out, not having meaningful relationships, or believing they are isolated from others.” 

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Adventus 2018

We have once again come to one of my favorite seasons on the Christian calendar.

Advent (which comes from the Latin word “adventus”which means “coming”) is the season between Christ the King Sunday (Sunday, November 25th) and Christmastide. It includes the four Sundays in between and is a season that helps to prepare for the coming of the Christ child.

Our first Sunday of Advent is Sunday, December 2nd.

My sermon title will be “Hope” with Luke 21:25-36 as our scripture lesson. This traditional first Sunday of Advent passage takes place near the end of Jesus’ life. It’s a passage telling us about the second coming of Christ. It’s a message of hope which connects us back to Jesus’birth and the journey we all begin with Him.


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