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A New Way of Seeing Things

A New Way of Seeing Things by Rev. Scott Andrews During a recent Lectionary Bible Study, I noticed how many people around the tables needed glasses. Some wore them all the time, some needed them only to read, and some wear contact lenses. Regardless, in this microcosm of our congregation there was a definite need […]


Some experiences stay with us for a life time . . . wheth- er we know it or not. Millie and I  are fans of a TV show that has in its opening credits the skyline of the city of Chicago. Millie asked me once “is the ground. As we were checking out of the […]

2018 Summer Reading List

Summer Reading list for 2018 One of my favorite magazines is FastCompany. Today, I primarily follow the on-line version of this publication but for many years I loved to flip through my monthly subscription. The only issue this month listed billionaire Bill Gates’ Summer Reading list for 2018. He picked five books which he is […]

Looking Up

That’s when I begin to realize how high up this picture was taken. I couldn’t help but try looking up. A friend of mine recently posted a link to the NASA website which included the picture connected to this article. It is a “selfie” taken by astronaut Ricky Arnold during a space walk to do […]