Lenten Schedule

Easter from the Backside.  A different look at the story of Christ's Resurrection Book by J Ellsworth Kalas

2019 Lenten Study By Rev. Scott Andrews 

Our 2019 Lenten Study will begin on Monday, March 4. We will again have two groups. The groups will meet at 10:00 AM or 7:00 PM. Both will meet in the Youth Room. We will be using the book Easter from the Back Side by Rev. Dr. J Ellsworth Kalas as our source material. 

Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday with a Cross in ashes.

Ash Wednesday will be observed on Wednesday, March 6th this year. There will be times to receive ashes as well as worship with others. The first Imposition of Ashes will begin at 6:00 AM until 9:00 AM in the Narthex of the Church. The second Imposition of Ashes will begin at 11:50 AM until 1:10 PM again in the Narthex of the Church. 

Our Ash Wednesday Worship Service will begin in the front of the church with the burning of last year’s palm branches at 7:00 PM. After the burning of the branches, we will process into the Narthex where those who haven’t received ashes yet can do so. Our service will begin in the Sanctuary after all who wish to receive ashes have done so. Communion will be shared during this service. 

Young at Heart Potluck

Heart shape made out of leaves

Hello Friends, 

The Young at Heart potluck for February was great fun! Thanks to Tom Mathews and his ice breaker we found out much more about each other. For our next meeting the group will meet in the parking lot outside the church kitchen at 9:00 AM on Saturday, March 9th to car pool to the Scripps Aquarium in San Diego. There are group discounts available but they are online only. It only requires 10 people to qualify. Please RSVP to Carol Scott at 951-676-5377 or wcscott6@verizon.net and pay your $13.50 by Sunday, March 3 in order to get that discount. I’m sure we will have 10 or more in our group so after we visit the aquarium we can go somewhere for lunch. Look for a sign up sheet at the Welcome Center next to the scrip sales. 

Please feel free to pass this on to others who might be interested! 

Carol and Wes Scot 

951-676-5377 or wcscott6@verizon.net 

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