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That’s when I begin to realize how high up this picture was taken. I couldn’t help but try looking up.

A friend of mine recently posted a link to the NASA website which included the picture connected to this article. It is a “selfie” taken by astronaut Ricky Arnold during a space walk to do work on the International space station. While I admire the clarity of the picture and the beauty of our planet reflected in Mr. Arnold’s helmet visor, there’s only one thought going through my head . . . not for all the money in the world. Nope. Nada. Nyet. Look closely and you will see the cold, dark space that surrounds our planet and this astronaut. That’s when I begin to realize how high up this picture was taken. I couldn’t help but try looking up.

He was then lifted up.

We recently celebrated Ascension Sunday. This is the day that we recognize Jesus being lifted by God into heaven. And, while the scripture say that Jesus went aside from his disciples, he was then lifted up. We don’t get a lot of detail about what this looked like and what the disciples did other than returning to the Temple to worship God.

When I preached on this, I reminded us all that God is the God who lifts people up. And, we have all needed being lifted up. We all have known that feeling of needing lifting up. We’ve experienced loneliness, sadness, and some form of depression. We have all needed the gentle loving touch of our savior to lift us from where we have found ourselves. But there’s an additional part to being lifted up, and that is looking up.

Look up to God and remember the psalms.

The psalms remind us that we have but to “lift our eyes to the hills” and ask, “from where will my help come from?” Our help is in God and God alone. Therefore, I ask you to look up. In those moments when you are lonely, scared, depressions, or desperate . . . look up. Look up to God and remember the psalms. Look up to God and declare your desire to receive God’s up lifting. Remember that all of us need God to lift us up.

We also need to remember that Jesus modeled this for us. When Jesus prayed, he often lifted his eyes to the heavens and prayed to God. When he did this, he prayed for mercy and compassion. Jesus looked up and shared with God his desire for God’s people to be delivered from themselves so that they might turn to God as their deliverer.

The next time your find yourself down . . . try looking up. Next time you pray . . . try looking up. We may not have the view of the astronauts, but I believe we might see the world as Christ saw it. So keep looking up!

Blessings to you one and all!

Pastor Scott

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